After Supreme Court Justice Called For Repeal of 2nd Amendment, Trump’s Response Made Him Hang His Head in Shame

President Trump just issued a brutal response to former Supreme Court Justice John Paul Stevens.

Justice Stevens wrote an op-ed in the New York Times where he called for a full repeal of the 2nd amendment.

Conservatives were outraged considering Stevens was appointed by Republican President Gerald Ford. President Trump took to Twitter and unloaded on Stevens and anyone else who tries to repeal American’s right to bear arms.

Here is Pres. Trump’s brutal response.

“THE SECOND AMENDMENT WILL NEVER BE REPEALED! As much as Democrats would like to see this happen, and despite the words yesterday of former Supreme Court Justice Stevens, NO WAY. We need more Republicans in 2018 and must ALWAYS hold the Supreme Court!”

Although Stevens was appointed by a Republican, he is probably just joining other establishment Republican leaders who are scared they can’t control President Trump, or the voters who elected him.

Jesse Watters unloaded on Justce Stevens yesterday, saying this would lead to civil war.

“There’ll be a Civil War if you take away the Second Amendment could you imagine armed people coming to gun owner’s homes, knocking on the door and saying surrender your weapons or else. It would be an absolute bloodbath.”

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