Dems’ Horrifying Plan For Trump’s Secret Service Just Emerged – His Life Is In IMMINENT Danger!

This gave terrorists an easy target.

President Donald Trump and his family faced imminent danger after finding out what sick plan was in store for them and the White House Secret Service.

Everyone who serves as President of the United States of America deserves the best security money can buy. This is the leader of the country and he deserves to be protected at all costs, just like the leaders of other countries deserve their own levels of protection from sick attacks and people gunning for their heads. It’s now being reported that there was a dire situation at the White House which called for people to immediately step in and thwart the plan that would have placed Trump and his entire family in an irresponsible amount of danger due to a ridiculous lack of protection. This was so bad that one must wonder if it was done on purpose to take Trump out or run him out of the White House via a potential scare or attack.

The information we’ve read stats that one of the people Trump appointed to an important role as the Secret Service director, named Randolph ‘Tex’ Alles had come up with the disappointing plan that could have placed Trump and his family in danger. It’s reported that Tex wanted to withdraw security protection from some of Trump’s family members, even though they’ve often been targeted by critics who are still angry at the results of the 2016 election. With all the violence stemming from the left, it would have been an absolutely horrible mistake to remove security details from Trump or his family, as that would have placed anyone without security in the line of fire for an easier attack.

Tex’s plan got out and the White House caught wind of the plan that would ultimately leave people in harm’s way. The White House shut down the proposal immediately after they found out that Tex wanted to place people in danger just so that he could save the White House a few dollars on their security bill.

Some Democrats were possibly hoping this horrible proposal went through. You could only imagine someone like Nancy Pelosi laughing out of control over it.

Daily Mail reported more about this information which is being revealed in a book by Ronald Kessler: “President Donald Trump’s appointee for Secret Service director proposed saving money by withdrawing security protection for some of the president’s family members and aides unless they had received threats, according to a new book.

President Donald Trump’s appointee for Secret Service director, Randolph ‘Tex’ Alles proposed withdrawing security protection for some of Trump’s family members

Randolph ‘Tex’ Alles proposed the cutback to save on the Secret Service’s $2 billion budget, according to Ronald Kessler’s upcoming book, The Trump White House: Changing the Rules of the Game.

Instead of visualizing what it would be like if al Qaeda or ISIS took Ivanka Trump hostage, Alles was worried about deploying some of the agency’s 3,200 agents to protect her, the book says.

The proposal was immediately shut down by White House staffers, Kessler says, adding that throughout history no assassination or assassination attempt to hit the White House has been preceded by a threat.

‘Horrified White House staff immediately shot down Alles’ proposal to cut back on protection,’ Kessler writes.

He adds: ‘Especially given the hatred directed at Trump and his family, the idea that the director of the Secret Service would entertain dropping protection of the president’s family members is itself a scandal and all anyone needs to know about why Alles should be replaced before a tragedy occurs.’

Kessler, a New York Times-bestselling author who previously wrote The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of the Presidents, says that one of the Secret Service’s failings is its ingrained cultural attitude that ‘we make do with less’.”

Randolph ‘Tex’ Alles served in the United States Marine Corps and retired in 2011. He was previously the deputy commissioner of Customs and Border Protection and later slated to act as the director of the Secret Service. It seems as though his goal was to save money, but it also appears as though his plan to save money came at a risk of placing others in danger.

Thankfully his budget proposal was shut down and security details remained actively working for Trump’s family. The White House was diligent in their ability to turn down a proposal that could have placed people in the line of a terror attack. There’s no amount of money that’s worth it to watch high-level people risk their lives on a daily basis.

Tex may have made this mistake once, but hopefully, he has learned that he must keep the security detail high in order to protect the leaders of the best country on the planet. American leaders and their family must be protected at all times. Every President, regardless if you like them or not, deserves the highest levels of Secret Service protection that America can provide.


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