Hateful Hogg Has Just Declared ALL OUT WAR On His Next Big Victim After Losing To Laura Ingraham

David Hogg is at it again! This time he’s targeting another well-known celebrity with his teenage shenanigans and hateful attacks via cyber-bullying. Hogg recently attacked Laura Ingraham after she tweeted that he didn’t get into a few colleges, which was information that was available from Hogg himself after he reportedly told this information to TMZ who later published it on their website. Hogg and his sister have been quite ranty in their antics, sharing opinions on their school, the situation, and everything else one can imagine. The same generation who eats Tide Pods, snorts condoms up their noses, and whines about safety measures that were put in their school when the Marjorie Stoneman Douglas high school required clear backpacks after their school was shot up with an AR-15.

The teen generation who does disgusting things to get attention from friends on social media appears to be the same group of people who want Americans to take them seriously when it comes to constitutional rights and amendments. While some teenagers are posting all over social media about their funny antics, the others are constantly whining about things they know very little about. Social media has become an egregious platform of argumentative teens disrespecting people while adults try to school them on what’s really the truth. One of the biggest problems with social media is that people who say something truthful and factual are often criticized by the masses. People like Laura Ingraham, who stated a fact about Hogg’s college rejections, was then attacked by the masses of people who turned her fact speech into hate speech. Regardless of who Laura Ingraham is, or what her job with Fox News is like, the Tweet she posted about Hogg was based on facts provided by the Hogg himself. It’s a shameful tactic by the left who demonizes people on the right with false narratives and calls for boycotts or sponsors to pull out, often costing people their job.

The next target is Ted Nugent. He’s being chastised for stating his opinion. He’s an outspoken older gentleman who seems to have no qualms stating how he feels. Whether people like him or hate him, the only thing people can do is read what he says or keep scrolling to ignore it. That didn’t seem to happen as the minions appeared to go after Nugent. It’s as though people can’t state facts or opinions anymore without facing elevated attacks. It’s no longer about debating civilly, but once someone says something others don’t like, the people on the wrong side of history go after their livelihood rather than simply ignoring them or sparking a debate.

Nugent recently said, while on the Joe Pags Show, that some of the teenagers are “dangerously stupid” and “soulless” and people took the insults as an attack. Granted, it might be true what Nugent said as some of the teens have proved, by what they write on Twitter, that they are extremely unintelligent when it comes to matters of security and soulless because of the number of irresponsible attacks they allow themselves to be part of. All of this goes on while they’re getting puppeted around by big money, which is quite comedic considering some of them claim politicians are paid for by the NRA, when the same kids saying that receive free bus and plane rides to march against guns.

Ted Nugent spoke out about the teens and critics, as provided by Truth Examiner: ““I was told, coming out of a firestorm, a firestorm of guitar solo magic, that I was trending on Facebook because somehow some dishonest, lying idiots claimed that my identifying, accurately and honestly, those in the gun control marches who call people who don’t agree with them child murderers – now if I called you a child murderer without having any evidence, that would be hate speech.”

“So they are guilty of hate speech. I merely identified that you have to have mush for brains to accept, blindly accept, the propaganda from the gun-hating, freedom-hating, America-hating, liberal, Democrat left media. And who out there believes that so much of the media – who believes CNN, anybody? MSNBC, anybody? ABC, CBS, NBC? Certainly Media Matters, really? Boy, what a hypocritical title that is. Media Matters, MoveOn.Org, Southern Poverty Law Center, the Huffington punks — who believes these people?”

“So they claimed that it’s hate speech to identify the hate of people that call us child murderers because we don’t believe in banning guns, which won’t save any lives. So they’re so blinded by their hate, and their mushy brains have so robotically accepted the propaganda ministry’s lies and deceit that their hate isn’t hate. My identifying their hate, is hate. What the hell? So I stand by my words.”

“To attack the good, law-abiding families of America when well-known, predictable murderers commit these horrors is deep in the category of soulless,” Nugent said. “These poor children, I’m afraid to say this and it hurts me to say this, but the evidence is irrefutable, they have no soul.”

Here’s Ted Nugent on the Joe Pags Show.

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One thought to “Hateful Hogg Has Just Declared ALL OUT WAR On His Next Big Victim After Losing To Laura Ingraham”

  1. Hogg just can’t keep his immature , juvenile , uneducated mouth shut . Laura Ingraham destroyed him by exposing his inability to get accepted to Colleges he wanted to attend . He was bowled over ( deservedly so ) and left to lick his wounds …
    He has insinuated that he has a New target with which he’s starting a new attack …
    Ted Nugent , the famed Rocker , Noted Outdoorsman , and Conservative Spokesman for Americans that “Give a Damn’ about God , Family and Country !!! ”
    I’m ready and waiting to see this unfold , this Punk kid has no scruples ( nor common sense ) . You just don’t take on a RESPECTED Adult that way … Particularly if you have even a remote wish of coming out of it unscathed !
    Hogg doesn’t … He doesn’t even know what the word ” unscathed ” means to begin with . But know matter , just make a bowl of Popcorn , sit back and see the sparks fly !!!

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