WATCH: Pissed Off Black Man Just Gave The Most Incredible Plea For Guns – ‘It’s Time’

Gun owners and second amendment supporters have had to watch many anti-gun rants in recent years. Including the most rabid ones which have come recently. Such as the March For Our Lives speaker admitting the truth about their gun control plans and Michael Ian Black comparing pro-gun people to slave owners.

But this man from North Carolina in the video below managed to blow away all the gun control advocates with one short speech.  In a time when so many are falling for the left wing narrative against guns and the second amendment someone comes out speaks the truth.

As you clearly saw in the video above this man, Mark Robinson, takes a North Carolina city council to task over their anti-gun rhetoric by first asking them when they will start standing up with the majority such as himself. The law-abiding gun owners who have never shot anyone. But every single time there is a shooting the first people they go after are the lawful gun owners, while at the same time no one even dares blame the shooter.

He then goes on to add that every time there is a tragic shooting like the one we saw at Parkland or the YouTube headquarters in California politicians and activist first and foremost want to restrict law-abiding gun owners from owning firearms, which in turn restricts our rights to defend ourselves. Amen

Here is more on the real reason why the Parkland Florida students are so active via Town Hall:

“CHRIS WALLACE, FOX NEWS SUNDAY: The NRA says that what you guys want to do is not just take away semi-automatic weapons, just take away high-capacity weapons, you really want to take away people’s guns.

Here is one of your fellow students at parkland, Kyle Kashuv, talking during the march yesterday.

KYLE KASHUV, PARKLAND SCHOOL SHOOTING SURVIVOR: They truly don’t know what they’re marching for. They think that they are marching to end school violence, but in reality, the March for Our Lives Website has it listed that they want to ban assault rifles.

WALLACE: Cameron, how do you respond to Kyle?

CAMERON KASKY, MARJORY STONEMAN DOUGLAS HIGH SCHOOL: Well, first of all, we are not just marching to end school violence. We are marching to end violence all over the country, because that’s where it happens.

Second of all, we are not trying to take everybody’s guns away. My father was a reserve police officer. We have guns in our house. They are responsibly managed and hidden from anyone but him.

The point is, we are not trying to take away everybody’s guns away and the NRA wants people to think that. They are fear-mongers. They want to sell weapons by exploiting people’s fears. So, the second we want to put common sense resolutions on these assault weapons, the NRA will say they are trying to steal every single one of your guns and people believe them. Fortunately, the majority of the American people see past this.

WALLACE: So, where would you draw the line in terms of eliminating guns? Would it just be assault weapons?

KASKY: I think assault weapons need to be banned and I think that smaller weapons used more for protection of your homes can be sold, but there need to be more restrictions. You need to go through mental health check, you need to be 21. These are all things that are common sense and I think getting a handgun to protect your home is an important thing if you need to, but it can’t be that easy.”

And it continued

“WALLACE: We had a school shooting, as I’m sure you know, here in Maryland last week where a student went into the school and killed his former girlfriend, but he was stopped and died, we’re not sure whether he killed himself or he was shot by a sheriff’s deputy at the school who confronted him.

A host on NRA TV yesterday talked about that deputy.

COLION NOIR, NRA TV HOST: To all the kids from Parkland getting ready to use your First Amendment to attack everyone else’s Second Amendment at your march on Saturday, I wish a hero like Blaine had been at Marjory Douglas High School last month, because her classmates would still be alive and no one would know your names.

WALLACE: Delaney, your reaction to that in your reaction to the NRA argument, which is the best way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun?

TARR: Well, first of all, our school is Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, not Marjory Douglas High School. So, I felt like I needed to clarify that.

But also, I’m glad that that sheriff had a gun, because he is a person who should have a gun. But a teacher? A teacher does not need a weapon like that. A teacher’s job is to educate, not to defend.

They are pushing that a good guy with a gun — what do you define as a good guy with a gun? Because I would define it as a highly trained professional, not as filling our classrooms with weapons. That is not a good guy with a gun.

WALLACE: And what about the application when he says nobody would know your name, that this is an ego trip?

KASKY: Yes. I think that’s the most pathetic thing I’ve seen out of this, possibly even beating (ph) crisis actors. And that’s the NRA. You’ll notice. They can’t attack our argument, so they are attacking us personally. The fact that they are saying that all we want out of this is for people to know our names, they have no idea how much each of us would give for it to be February 13th again. So, the fact that they stooped that low, I can’t imagine how much lower they can get.”

The saddest part about all this is that on any given weekend you have at least 25 young black men shot by other young black men in inner-city Chicago, which is for all intent and purpose is probably the most gun controlled city in the nation. But leaving that fact aside, when do we get to care about those young men? Or do they just have to be good looking kids from affluent areas that are supposed to enrage us enough to want to give up our second amendment and God-given right to defend ourselves?

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